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IMG_9177Yossarian Malewski (20.03.1975)

composer, musician, filmmaker, storyteller and strategist…

moving freely in experimental and contemporary classical music as well as classical jazz.

the leader of the now defunct rock band Red Point – the guitarist (electric guitar, acoustic, classical, bass), pianist and clarinetist.

author of the music for Izabela Olejnik‘s recital staged in the Old Powder House theater in Warsaw.

composer of the music lines for many Polish singers’ songs like Marika or Iga Krefft, known for her role in the popular TV series “M jak Miłość” who appears in music projects with Yossarian as Ofelia Daniels and others.

author of music for films like Zapach, Kakadu, Dziewczyny, Śmierć Majora, Paryż-Warszawa, Korespondent Bryan, Zawód Aktor, Mennica, and others.

author of music for fashion shows – for example Natahsa Pavluchentko on Alta Roma or two collections from Le Blakk and others.

composer of music for fashion films: MIMA Bags, Le Blakk, Dawid Mazerski, Patryk Kryślak and others.

Published albums: The Creation Of Demons, Z12H7801050702/Posen, High Above The Earth, Partrait In Reverse & 4.08 am, Silent, Twelve Steps, Thirteen Steps, yossarian form MIMA and Soul Lake – afterimage

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photo: Elena Mazzei

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